May 4, 2021

How to Choose the Right Paint Finish for Your Home

Every paint project gets off to the right start with the right finish.

They will come in one of these finishes: gloss, semi-gloss, satin, matte and flat.

What Everyone Ought To Know About Gloss Paint...

These are the most popular paint finishes and the right choice can come down to which area of the home you are painting.

When your paint can reads gloss, you can be sure it has an extremely hard and shiny finish, providing a rich, smooth luster, perfect for wood trim, cabinets, doors or any area you wish to highlight. Gloss finishes tend to be a little more washable as well.

Paint finish for cabinets

2 Things You Must Know About Semi-Gloss Finishes...

A semi-gloss finish is also very durable and great for areas that get cleaned frequently such as kitchens, bathrooms closet doors, trim and utility areas.

Why Satin Finish Succeeds...

A satin finish has just the slight shine, so it offers clean-ability while at the same time offering imperfection hiding benefits, which is a fancy way of saying, looks great. They won't even notice the walls have cute little dimples.

Consider satin for those high traffic areas most likely to attract nicks, scuff marks, and stains; like your kitchen, family room foyer, and hallways.

It's also not a bad idea for the kid's bedroom; the official homeroom of scuff marks.

Don't Be Fooled By Matte and Flat Finishes...

Now, on the opposite side of shiny, are matte and flat finishes, which soak up light rather than reflect it.

So these are really great for hiding surface imperfections. Typically, a matte finish cannot offer the same washability that glossier sheens offer, but Emerald and Duration home Interior paints come in a specially engineered matte finish that offers the same washability as glossier sheens, so those stains on the surface wipe right off.

Matte and flat finishes work best in adult bedrooms and other areas that won't get roughed up by kids. They are also great for areas where you have uneven or textured walls.

So speaking of great finishes, we're about done here.

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